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My name is Rosemary Hohl-Chriswisser and I’ve worked in the Fitness and Wellness industry for over two decades.  Since a young age, I was intrigued with how the body could perform and constantly change.  Therefore, I decided to study Exercise Physiology and received a BS and MS in the field.  I am a strong believer of constant growth and therefore I also pursued certifications from American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association, National Academy of Sports Medicine, USA Triathlon Association, Schwinn Cycle, YogaFit for Athletes 100hr, and Cooper Institute for First Responder Fitness Professional, amongst others.  


Over the decades, I have had the privilege to help countless people with their fitness, health, and/or wellness goals.  Working with different individuals, I recognized the importance of a multi-approach concept to obtain the best version of a person regarding their fitness performance, health, and overall wellbeing.  This therefore led me to also attend Lauterstein-Conway Massage school and pursue a license in massage therapy.   The ability to help muscles function properly and reduce stress through massage therapy allows a person to feel emotionally and physically better and therefore progress within their fitness and wellness goals.  Please see my website for specific massage services.  


Besides working with individuals one-on-one, I also have years of experience presenting various topics to groups.  I have presented to high school and college students, women’s groups, endurance athletes, corporate employees, and first responders. 


I love to use my knowledge to help others pursue various fitness and wellness goals and gain education.  I offer consultations and fitness training, massage therapy and speaking engagements.  


When I’m not helping others, I too enjoy living a healthy lifestyle.  I love to cycle, lift weights, do yoga, swim, walk my dogs, wake surf, watch football, travel, read and spend time with my family and friends.  


In summary, I am a small business owner who is passionate about other’s wellbeing and therefore, I believe in listening to my client’s specific needs and customizing an approach that is most suited for best results.  Thank you for your consideration and support.



Thank you.

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