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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Enjoy a variety of massage techniques to promote relaxation, relief, and mobility, to improve
your self care.

Fitness Consulting

Personalized and unique plans to improve your fitness, weight loss, and overall wellbeing.

Wellness Presentations

Corporate presentations constructed to encourage employees to lead a healthy lifestyle.

My Story

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My name is Rosemary Hohl-Chriswisser and I’ve worked in the Fitness and Wellness industry for over two decades. I studied Exercise Physiology and received a BS and MS in the field.  I am a strong believer of constant growth, and have had the privilege to help countless people with their fitness, health, and/or wellness goals.  I offer consultations and fitness training, massage therapy and speaking engagements. I believe in listening to my client’s specific needs and customizing an approach that is most suited for my client that will provide the best results.


I have certifications from American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association, National Academy of Sports Medicine, USA Triathlon Association, Schwinn Cycle, YogaFit for Athletes 100hr, and Cooper Institute for First Responder Fitness Professional, amongst others. Book an appointment with me today!



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Massage Therapy

In today’s modern society feelings of stress are so common people often don’t realize they are in a constant fight or flight response (induced sympathetic nervous system).  Although some stress has been found to be very beneficial, researchers believe chronic and high amounts of stress are in some way related to many of our diseases.  While it’s practically impossible to eliminate all stress, massage therapy can provide some relief.  

Fitness Consulting

Cut through the noise, and schedule a 1 on 1 in person or virtual meeting with our team to discuss your personal fitness goals and how to get results based on YOUR body. Our plans our unique to each person and completely personalized. Become the best version of yourself physically and work with us.

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Business Conference

Wellness Presentations

Looking to create a culture of wellness? We do various presentations to help your employees learn how to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing. We will come to your business or do virtual presentations.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Reduces Stress

Whether for improvement in quality of life, pain relief, athletic performance, or simply pure pampering, massage can provide numerous benefits for both mind and body. While it’s practically impossible to eliminate all stress, massage therapy can provide some relief and lower your stress levels.  

Boosts Your Mood

A quality massage can help improve relaxation, decrease pain, and improve blood pressure and circulation. Working with a licensed massage therapist, can also help relax and soften overused muscles, and in return improve your sleep and decrease fatigue. When you body is healthier, your mood becomes inevitably happier.

Increases Energy Levels

When a massage is performed correctly, your muscles will feel rejuvenated and pain will decrease. The result of this will be better sleep, decreased fatigue, quicker injury recovery and more. Massage therapy gives your body the boost of energy that it needs.

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My Approach

I work with individuals who are committed to their overall wellbeing.  Whether a person wants to improve their fitness level; improve sleep; or reduce muscular tension and stress;  a holistic approach is implemented for optimal results. I enjoy getting to know my clients and coming up with a comprehensive plan together.  Thank you for visiting my site and hope to hear from you.



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What People Say

"Rosemary has been the consummate coach, cycle instructor, fitness and wellness resource and massage therapist for me! The reason she's so good at what she does is that she's passionate about all these things and genuinely cares about the people she works with. She's an outstanding communicator and goes above and beyond to explain things thoroughly.
In addition to those traits, she's a motivator, a challenger and an encourager. She knows how to push the right buttons to get the best out of who she's working with. All in all, Rosemary has been a positive influence on my life in all areas!"


Ten years ago, at 54 years old, I had a come-to-Jesus talk with myself and entered my final QUIT after a 40+ year smoking habit. Not knowing how I would succeed, I found Coach Rosemary at Lifetime Fitness to help me train for triathlons. Trust me, its pretty hard to smoke and endure. I found her to be motivational and responsive with encouragement and kick in the pants when needed. Since then, I have consulted with her to live with chronic pain and laziness.  After a massage, I feel loose as a noodle and pain free. And always welcome. She’s a great coach and massage therapist, and a stellar human being.

-A.M., Private Business Owner

"I have been with Pro-One Fitness, Massage and Wellness for almost a decade.  Rosemary’s knowledge of fitness and nutrition has helped me in my fitness journey.  I have been able to maintain my fitness level because of the knowledge she has instilled in me.  She doesn’t just train you, she educates and empowers.  She has a true passion for helping people live a healthy life!"

-R.T., Private Business Owner

"I met Rosemary Hohl-Chriswisser at the Texas Department of Public Safety where she taught law enforcement officers on numerous topics in Fitness and Wellness.   Along with that, she also guided the officers through many different physical exercises as well as breathing, meditating, and stretching routines. As a police officer, I have been able to apply everything I learned from her. On a daily basis I utilize the stretching and breathing techniques as our ten hour patrol shifts can be very demanding.  I’ve learned it is important I give myself the proper recovery methods that have since become a vital part of my functional training. I greatly appreciate Ms. Hohl-Chriswisser’s patient and enthusiastic instructor mode; I attribute my ability to not only improve my own well-being but also apply those same characteristics and information when I instruct on physical fitness and wellness to other officers within my agency."

-V.W., Police Officer

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